Software tools developed to save you time can be your most valuable business asset!

  • Web technology can drive change and innovation
  • Help you to work smarter to cut costs sooner
  • Money saved can fund new projects and services

A well developed website is an essential business tool in the market of the World Wide Web, but most companies today require functionalities built into their website that provide more efficient service to their customers, streamline in-house operations and increase sales generation.

We can build It. We have the tools. We have the technology. We are…


The November Group has the technical expertise to build web based applications into your website that are extremely easy to use and give you the leverage you need to achieve maximum productivity and results for an absolute minimum investment of time, cost and effort.


Our web based software solutions are built to provide the increasingly important benefit of secure accessibility from anywhere an internet connection is available, as well as compatibility with conventional desktop/laptop browsers and current smart mobile phone browsers.


The November Group seasoned team of software developers will help you analyze your business, identify opportunities to consolidate and streamline, plan for the changes needed, and implement your plan for better business processes and success.


The November Group has a solid reputation and history. We’ve been developing web based software applications designed to meet current and future demands for small businesses, large corporations and non-profit organizations since 1996.


When designing a website that will effectively appeal to and connect with your target audience, your site must be built with the right blend of interactivity, usability and design.


Interactivity offers visitors a means to actively engage with your website in meaningful ways. The simplest form of successful interactivity is an easy to navigate site. Additional features can include blogs, videos, surveys, and more. Interactivity that is properly implemented can keep your target consumer on your site longer, persuade them to complete the tasks you want them to, and make them want to return again and again.


Usability is planning your site design to ensure your intended audience can quickly and easily find what they are looking for. Usability is about making a site that is user-friendly – and it is very target audience specific. For example, usability on a site targeted to parents will be very different from one targeting teens. Each have different familiarity and comfort levels in an on-line environment.


While interactivity and usability are important to your site visitor’s experience, their initial response is to the design. A site with an appropriately appealing layout and appearance can make all the difference in a positive user experience. Whether you’re a well established corporation or a budding boutique, the design of your site offers an excellent opportunity to level the field of competition and clearly reinforce and promote your brand with impact.

The November Group is a Winnipeg based company that has extensive experience in designing award-winning custom websites for clients of diverse industries. Our website designs successfully appeal to and engage our respective clients’ customers in health, property management, entertainment, tourism, fundraising, and finance.

Our professional team brings an expansive and proven skill-set to the job of website design. We can help your company determine the right mix of interactivity, usability, and design so your website will appeal to, engage, and win over the audience you are trying to reach.