Today, more and more charitable donations and membership registrations are made online. It can be just as easy to raise funds from halfway across the world as it is from across the street. So why put a geographic limit on your fundraising efforts when the whole world is your potential market?


The November Group’s MyCharityTools solutions are designed to give supporters a variety of convenient and easy ways to donate while learning more about your cause and reinforcing their relationships with your organization.

Created by people experienced in the nonprofit community, MyCharityTools fundraising software solutions meet both the strategic and budgetary needs of any size nonprofit and charitable organization by:

  • Being available at affordable rates with no per transaction fees or commission
  • Providing technology that is simple, secure and easy to use for all
  • Making the tools available to attract and build lifelong relationships with donors
  • Streamlining daily administrative tasks to help save time and money
  • Diversifying fundraising methods to help non-profit and charitable organizations broaden donor reach and raise more money.