Well, ok, The November Group didn’t really start out in a garage, or a basement for that matter. It did start – what sometimes feels like – a long, long time ago. Televisions were as deep as they were wide, cell phones were still nearly the size of bricks, and portable storage came in the form of 1.44MB units called floppies. The nice thing about having been part of the industry since the Internet was comparatively still a “sprout”, is that it gives us a deeper understanding of how it has grown, and helps us envision how it will continue to grow.

Since TNG began, we’ve also seen and been part of the literal and dramatic transition from physical to virtual reality. “Face time” with someone used to mean actually being in the same room with them. And where we used to occupy physical office space, we are now a virtual office where everyone works from anywhere an Internet connection is available. We have exponentially more resources available to us than when we started, and we can talk to those resources “face-to-face” any time.